Fear and Faith

Your job is to transcend what fear and mistrust do to an organization, how it pollutes people's problem solving passion and abilities. Remember this -- excessive and rigid processes, systems, rules and procedures are a tax you pay for being afraid and suspicious.


A Path for Inspired Problem Solvers

In their daily lives, inspired problem solvers embrace a clear path to achieve mastery over six crucial roadblocks to success and happiness.


How to Kill a Business

 A fearful organization (one breathing the fumes of insecurity and mistrust) too often becomes a complex organization.

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I am a teacher, coach, and advisor.

I believe great leaders (and their companies and organizations) must strive to think and act small in a large world, simple in a complex world, and caring in an indifferent world.

Work is broken. It will be fixed not by technology, or a process, or a system, but by fixing our humanity.

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