Yes, We Have No Messages

Are you or your organization, company or political candidate looking for a "message"? Are you sitting around in meetings, facing a crisis or problem, asking "what's our message?" Well, stop it.


How Your Problems Save You From Misery and Failure

Six terrible, shadowy forces roam this world, all of which have taken aim squarely at you with the purpose of making your life -- and your work -- a long, agonizing slog full of failure and misery.


The Rotten Leader's Guide to Feedback

What you're about to read is advice on how to give feedback like a rotten leader. It's good advice. We've tried some of it, and we've watched others try it, too. Believe us, it works.

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I am a teacher, coach, and advisor.

I believe great leaders (and their companies and organizations) must strive to think and act small in a large world, simple in a complex world, and caring in an indifferent world.

Work is broken. It will be fixed not by technology, or a process, or a system, but by fixing our humanity.

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