I had a great opportunity for some guilt-free time with my baby this weekend. Yum-yum…

Several of us with mid-life issues (and the various toys to wallow in them) met early Sunday morning for a quick breakfast, and then a tour through the heart of Vermont on motorcycles and roadsters.


Look at them — you just feel like somebody’s gonna get hurt, don’t you?

Anyway, the plan was to crisscross the spine of the Green Mountains, from south to north, at least four times: Killington Pass, Brandon Gap, Middlebury Gap and Appalachian Gap. Here’s the actual route:

    • U.S. 4 east out of Rutland;
    • Vermont 100 north to Rochester;
    • Vermont 73 west to Forestdale;
    • Vermont 53 to Salisbury;
    • U.S. 7 north to East Middlebury;
    • Vermont 125 east to Hancock;
    • Vermont 100 north to Waitsfield;
    • Vermont 17 west to Bristol;
    • Vermont 116 south to East Middlebury; and
    • U.S. 7 south to Rutland.

The total distance is just over 157 miles; it took us just under four hours, mainly because these coots have to pee every twenty minutes.

The route is an adreneline-pumping race of endless s-curves, undulating straightaways and hairpin turns up, over and around mountains and slicing through remote gorges — and a constant reminder of what a physically beautiful state this is, and why the rest of the world is often drawn here.

Appalachian Gap.jpg

This was taken from the top of the Appalachian Gap, looking west, just before we headed down the mountain. Into a massive downpour. With the top down. As it turns out, the faster you drive, the drier you stay…

Actually, it was the very first time that my beloved Blonde had ever had a raindrop touch her luminous skin.

Here she is, waiting for me demurely in the background:


You’re in corrupt company, honey.

Overall, a great day. Lots of fun, challenging driving; good company; and a gratuitous waste of carbon-based fuel.

AuthorJoseph Fusco