Having been out of town on business on the appointed day, I wasn’t able to fetch my car until this afternoon.

While I was happy to have it back, I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel. Would I feel like I was driving a flawed automobile, unable to get past the fact that it had been damaged, even if only in a minor way? No matter how well the work was done, would I be able to tell? Would my guilt and disappointment tinge the experience of owning and driving it?

All of that apprehension disappeared instantly. The folks at Parker’s Classic Auto Works did an absolutely flawless job of restoration, and I’m very, very grateful for their skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail. On top of that, it was simply a perfect day — 72 degrees, pure sunshine — custom-made for this kind of reunion:


Baby, we is gonna get re-uh-quainted real fast.

AuthorJoseph Fusco